system of two pulsars

Neutron stars are the smallest and densest known stellar objects

r ~10km

they're created after a big supernova explosion of a massive star, when the gravity of said star pulls itself inward and condenses the star

a neutron star's mass is 1.5 the mass of the Sun

the name 'Neutron Star' comes from the process of electrons and protons combining into neutrons because of the density of Neutron Stars

Neutron Stars spin at very high speeds

some Neutron Stars spin so fast they emit radiation that makes them look like they're blinking, theyre called Pulsars

Pulsars after slowing down turn into regular Neutron Stars

Before descovering that Pulsars were Neutron Stars, it was thought they were pulsating White Dwarfs

list of a few known Neutron Stars:

Hulse-Taylor Binary(PSR B1913+16)
first discovered binary system of a Neutron Star and a Milisecond Pulsar located in the Aquilla constelation (1974)

PSR B1937+21
first discovered Milisecond Pulsar(1982), makes 642 rotations per second, is in the Vulpecula constelation

PSR J0737−3039
system of two Pulsars, shrinks by 7mm everyday, it's discovery provided the best yet proof of the theory of General Relativity(2003)

PSR J1614–2230
Milisecond Pulsar located in the Scorpius constelation(2006)

PSR J0348+0432
Pulsar with a White Dwarf companion located in the Taurus constelation(2007)